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 in an area where you were
recently blasting, I found your
company very easy to deal with.
I went over to find out what was
going on. Your employee I spoke
with was so polite and helpful. He
just did everything he could to
explain to me what was going on.
And then another gentleman
showed up to do the survey on
the house. I was just handled so
nicely, and I just think you should
know that. Your guys in the field
really do a very good job with
people that have concerns!”

Susan Blake




annual safety meeting





Your technical services with Laser profiling and
bore tracking have reduced our
blast incidents to near zero in our
three quarries for the past two

Andrew E Clemente
Company Engineer
Troy Sand & Gravel/Material Sand & Gravel/Century Aggregates


Maine Drilling & Blasting Safety Credentials

Our Commitment, Our Customers’ Peace of Mind

it's a mindset

“We are committed to providing the industry's safest work environment. Through our policies, training and accountability measures, we pledge to provide our employees, customers and the general public with the highest level of safety while maintaining an economic advantage and performance standards second to none in the drilling and blasting industry.”
~ Maine Drilling & Blasting Safety Mission Statement

Safety. Safety. Safety: We talk about safety a lot. With our people, with our customers, our blast neighbors, with news reporters. Safety's the bedrock of our training, the cornerstone of our technology. Our employees serve on safety committees led by a safety department and staffed by certified safety specialists. It's a commitment that serves us well, providing our customers, with peace of mind. And that's priceless.

it's training

"Safety Starts with Me" … everyone who wears a Maine Drilling & Blasting hardhat knows it's more than a slogan. It's who we are. A commitment - a consciousness - an individual responsibility. From the top down and the bottom up, at Maine Drilling & Blasting safety is everyone's specialty.

We call it "Heads Up!" Every morning every job site starts with a "hazards analysis" briefing by the foreman: "What risks do we face today? What safety measures must we take?"

And beyond the work site, you'll find our crews in the classroom, honing their skills as blasters and drillers. We make sure they "graduate" with an advanced "degree" in safety. It's the basis of our curriculum, which includes:

  • Dupont's Safety Training Observation Program (STOP)
  • MSHA Part 46 Training
  • OSHA 10-hour Training
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Division Meeting Safety Topics
  • Daily Heads Up
  • Lessons Learned.

In addition to training specifically related to safety, an array of mandatory, formal job skill training courses ensures best practices on the job. Simply put, Maine Drilling & Blasting has the best trained and most educated drilling and blasting workforce.

For some companies getting together refers to the annual picnic. At Maine Drilling & Blasting, we do something special. Every year in March we hold a company-wide Safety Meeting. From laborers to executives, we all turn out. Safety's the subject, the only subject.

it's exceeding industry standards

MD&B goes above and beyond where safety is concerned.  Here are just a few examples.

7,000 pre-blast surveys performed on average annually
MD&B conducts countless pre-blast surveys before rock blasting happens on a given project or in a given neighborhood.  We exceed industry standards for this free service in states that impose such standards. In states that do not, we impose the highest industry standards on ourselves.

Seismic Monitoring performed on each and every project
MD&B holds itself accountable for the seismic monitoring far above and beyond any industry norm – in regards numbers performed, precision equipment utilized, and recording and document integrity. We objectively measure vibrations caused by our blasts, and make those measurements available for analysis.

Job Hazard Analyses on each and every project
MD&B performs a thorough site-specific Job Hazard Analysis on every project, and we reassess often due to changing project parameters. MD&B conceived of and instituted this non-industry-mandated process company-wide years ago.

rock blasting safetyZero Incident Tolerance
In our line of work, no incident is acceptable. There is no room for error. One incident is one too many.

We take all incidents very seriously and are constantly modifying blast plans based on job site conditions to minimize the possibility of an incident happening. And while our record is not perfect, we'd be happy to pit our safety record against our competitions' any day. In fact, many contractors with which we work, choose Maine Drilling & Blasting specifically for our leadership in safety in the drilling and rock blasting field.

Beating the Workers Compensation MOD rate
For the last 10 years, our incident rate and subsequent costs for workers compensation claims are lower than industry averages for our workforce. This Worker's Comp Insurance Experience Modifier Rate graph snapshots the last 5 years.

Maine Drilling & Blasting is A Breed Apart
Maine Drilling & Blasting
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