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Welcome to Maine Drilling & Blasting, your trusted breed since 1966. Hard Work, Honesty and Quality of Services. These are the principles on which our company was founded, and which our people continue to bring to every project and job site...whether that’s a 75-mile pipeline, a quarry, or a single house foundation or swimming pool.

No job is too big, too small, or more important...

The American bison represents MD&B: Powerful, earth-shattering, enduring, majestic, fast, a lone leader.

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We have over 50 years of experience!

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I would like to take a moment to say thank you to several of your crew members that preformed what I considered to be a very difficult and delicate operation. In Cohasset, Mass. on top of an ocean-bound cofferdam your crew was tasked with drilling through an underwater concrete Tremie into bedrock some 20 feet below sea level, installing Tremie Anchors and grouting in the dry while unable to see what they were working on, and balancing on tiny walkways over open water. Obviously, no big deal! I viewed this as an extremely challenging operation consisting of critical safety protocols, precision location, precision elevation and top-notch Quality Control. On the drill was an obvious "Old Pro", and I mean that in the humblest of ways, as it was obvious to anyone that Bruce D. has done this before and made it look like child's play. A true professional at his job. Your Foreman, TJ L., could not have been more pleasant or professional especially with his level of consciousness while executing his task. His eyes on safety constantly in a very precarious position while orchestrating his crew and maintaining a level of Quality Control that was spot on. He accomplished his task with absolute accuracy and the final product was as constructed exactly as designed. I could not have asked for better, as TJ hit a bullseye! And not to be left out of the compliments is Shawn L., laborer. Shawn was a joy to have on site and was obviously an integral part of this crew. He preformed all his requested tasks professionally and admirably. Personally, I will recommend to MIG or anyone else that they utilize Maine Drilling & Blasting. And personally, this crew is welcome on any job that I am charged with. They truly were a pleasure to work with, and in my world that does not come often! Thank you."

Michael Civitarese - Superintendent / MIG Corporation

Our Value Added Services

We have been in business for over 50 years.


Our in-house Engineering Department is unique among blasting and drilling companies.

Hoe Ram

In a situation where traditional drilling and rock blasting is either not feasible or practical.

Marine Drilling & Blasting

MD&B has completed several marine projects, drilling and blasting in up to 60 feet of water.

Foundation Services & Rock Anchors

Your source for foundation services including rock anchors, dowels, guy anchors, micropiles and tiebacks.

Remote Access Services

We have the experience, expertise and equipment necessary for any terrain and isolated locations imaginable.

Project Facilitation Services

It’s a fact that projects that require rock blasting are becoming more and more technical and restrictive.

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