Community Relations

Begin With Communication

Whether it's our presence in the newspapers, or at neighborhood meetings, we at Maine Drilling & Blasting know that community relations begins with communication.

Drilling and Blasting: Community Relations

Community Awareness

Sure we're loud. That's a fact of physics. But it's the quiet conversations we have that set us apart. With so many jobs close to homes and businesses, we do a lot of talking and even more listening. By communicating with blast "neighbors" and educating the public through aggressive efforts, we head off the kinds of conflicts and controversies that can cause delays and expensive downtime for our customers.


Public Relations

On TV, in newspapers, in trade publications, on our web site and one-on-one, we tell our story every chance we get. Because the more the public knows how much we care about safety and what we do to ensure it, the better it is for us and for our clients.


Pre Blast Surveys

Announcing ourselves with informative door hangers and following up with sit-down chats, we reassure nearby homes and business owners just what's going to happen and when. We listen to their concerns, answer their questions and provide reassurance. To protect our customers, and ourselves we may survey the structures before we work.



We also provide educational presentations at open houses, trade affairs, community forums, association luncheons, and planning board meetings, etc. Topics range from general industry information, such as A History of Rock Blasting to operational overviews such as Anatomy of a Blast, as well as an introduction of and information specific to Maine Drilling & Blasting. This education is not only for the public, but many of our customers have utilized this service for their own employees.