Green Energy Development

The Power of Green

MD&B: Green Energy Development

We are the drilling and rock blasting contractor of choice for commercial wind power projects in the Northeast.

Our projects include:
  • Kibby Wind Power Project, Kibby Mountain, ME
  • Brody Mountain (Berkshire) Wind Project, Hancock, MA
  • Stetson Windmill Project, Danforth, ME

In addition to the projects above, we have worked with other commercial wind farms in Lempster, NH, Mars Hill, ME, Princeton, MA, Portsmouth, RI, Hull, MA, and Altona, NY. See profiles of these projects.

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Natural Gas and Electrical Projects

We have also helped to upgrade major hydroelectric facilities, including West Dam Hydroelectric, Potsdam, NY and our current project, Holtwood Hydroelectric, Holtwood, PA.

We also participated in an innovative project that built the infrastructure creating a 12 mile pipeline that collects and transports waste methane gas from a landfill as fuel for a power boiler at the University of New Hampshire. Read a profile of this Turnkey Landfill Bio Gas Line, Durham, NH.

On a co-generation energy project, we provided drilling and rock blasting services for a natural gas/low sulfur oil energy plant to produce enough power for 700-1000 homes, Kleen Energy Power Plant in Middleton, CT.

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Other important contributions in the category of natural gas and electrical transmission lines include:

  • 345kV Substation, So. Gorham, ME
  • Electrical Transmission Line, Rutland, VT
  • Millennium Pipeline, Phase 1 2007, Tuxedo, NY
  • Millennium Pipeline, Phase 2, 2008, Tuxedo, NY
  • Spectra Energy Pipeline, Ramapo, NY
  • Iroquois Pipeline, Newton, CT
  • UNH/Turnkey Landfill Bio Gas Line, Durham, NH