Drilling and Blasting for Municipalities

We can help with your municipality blasting project

Municipalities Can Count on MD&B

If rock’s causing a problem, make sure the firm you call in has the expertise and experience not to create a bigger one. Maine Drilling & Blasting is right around the corner and ready to help with your rock blasting needs.

Projects for towns and municipalities usually involve tight adjacencies to existing structures and systems. Maine Drilling & Blasting knows how to safely clear the way for fixes and upgrades.

  • We carry the insurance and have the technical expertise to address even the most problematic issues.
  • Our thorough planning, Hazard Analysis protocol, and cautious blasting practices ensure precise, safe blasts.
  • We’ll put the right people, the best equipment and the safest procedures to work for you.
  • We’re very experienced in tight quarters.
  • We communicate with nearby businesses and citizens to allay worries and provide professional pre-blast surveys of area structures.

  Quick Questions

  • Need to blast downtown for a sewer abatement tank?
  • Rock in the way of aligning and widening that problem road?
  • Need to clear bedrock to finish the landfill?

If you need to break rock and nothing else, you can have confidence in Maine Drilling & Blasting as the blasting company to call on.

Our History

Learn how we started, who we are today, and where we’re headed. Please watch our video, produced to commemorate our 50th year.


Locations in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic area.

MD&B is a provider of drilling, blasting and related specialty services in the New England, Mid Atlantic and Southeast areas.