Drilling and Blasting for General Contractors

We can help with your construction project

We Work With General Contractors

Don’t let problem rock complicate your construction jobs. Maine Drilling & Blasting is right around the corner and ready to help with your rock blasting needs.

No job is too big. No job is too small. General contractors of every size rely daily on Maine Drilling & Blasting.

Consider the following:
  • We’re committed to the importance of your job.
  • We understand delays to your schedule, can mean a decrease in your profits.
  • We can provide services in-house for less than our competition can purchase them, often making us the low-cost provider, compared to other drilling companies.
  • We listen, plan, react to your needs and meet your schedule.
  • We’ll put the right people, the best equipment and the safest procedures to work for you.

  Quick Questions

  • Ran into ledge digging for a foundation?
  • Need to make way for underground utilities?
  • Rock obstructing the path of the private road you need to complete?

If you have a project that calls for drilling and blasting or rock anchors, you can count on us as your blasting company.

Our History

Learn how we started, who we are today, and where we’re headed. Please watch our video, produced to commemorate our 50th year.


Locations in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic area.

MD&B is a provider of drilling, blasting and related specialty services in the New England, Mid Atlantic and Southeast areas.