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Wind is a win

MD&B Supports Wind Energy

Wind Mill

Maine Drilling & Blasting has been very proud and fortunate to work as a subcontractor on many of the industrial wind turbine projects in Maine. These projects have included Mars Hill, Stetson, Roxbury and both phases of Kibby Mountain. As employee-owners, everyone in our company has benefited from the more than two years of work that has supported our families during this very difficult economic period. Many of us have retained our jobs purely because of these projects.

Beyond the fact that much of MD&B's current business is based upon wind farm construction, wind energy gives us opportunities for our families to contribute to the energy future of the State of Maine. We take pride in these projects. They are important to us. We build them with Yankee ingenuity, and as members of these teams, we are proud and productive.

On wind power projects, MD&B engages many groups inside and outside the company: permitting groups, engineering groups, drillers, blasters, laborers, rock bolt installation specialists, mechanics, management, administrative staff, rock bolt suppliers, grout suppliers, explosives suppliers, equipment vendors, fuel providers, and housing opportunities. Each group has a stake in the project and benefits financially, as well as in career growth.

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Wind is Good for:


  • Job retention
  • Career growth
  • Profit sharing
  • Pride & Teamwork
  • Yankee Ingenuity
  • Expertise to compete outside our market


  • Keeps me working
  • Keeps me able to support my family
  • I pay less taxes
  • Allows me to develop my potential
  • Has helped me advance in my career
  • Building wind power is a source of pride

State of Maine

  • Job creation
  • Millions in economic benefits statewide
  • Local investment
  • Economic investment in Maine
  • Direct payments to local landowners
  • Benefits Maine's environment

Maine Benefits

Wind power is already creating jobs and millions of dollars worth of economic and community benefits statewide. It provides local investment, energy independence, energy price stability and environmental benefits. Right now, the wind power operating and under development in Maine is generating employment opportunities, tax revenues, opportunities for local construction and contracting companies, and the potential for component suppliers and composite manufacturing within the state.

Maine is already experiencing the economic ripple effect from wind power development. For just one wind power project, Stetson Mountain, about $50 million (of the $65 million spent for construction, engineering, and development services) was spent here in Maine. This includes more than 130 Maine companies large and small.

Career Training

Mainers are being trained in-state for this growing industry. Additionally, Maine businesses are developing expertise in wind power construction that helps position them to compete for jobs throughout the northeast.

Future Goals

Maine has set a goal of building 5,000 MW (megawatts) of wind power by 2020. This amount of wind power would bring $4-5 billion dollars in economic investment in Maine, creating several thousand construction jobs, over 1,000 long-term jobs, more than $25 million/year property tax payments, and over $6 million/year direct payments to local landowners.

MD&B Employees

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