Maine Drilling and Blasting is Green

Maine Drilling & Blasting’s Environmental Commitment: We take being green seriously

Green Stewards Because Environment Matters

Maine Drilling & Blasting has taken a leadership role within our industry to improve environmental stewardship. We recognize and accept our own responsibility to apply sound environmental best practices in all aspects of our business, and to work with suppliers and customers to promote environmentally responsible actions and products. In all cases, our aim is to improve our environmental performance within the limits of current technology, and to explore environmentally driven innovations, technologies and business opportunities to expand those limits to achieve nothing less than environmental excellence.

Contributors to LEED Projects & Green Energy Initiatives

In addition, Maine Drilling & Blasting is dedicated to providing our expertise and services in the completion of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) construction projects and green energy development initiatives.

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We commit to:

  • Complying with all applicable environmental legislation.
  • Support our business partners and governing authorities in achieving their environmental goals.
  • Manage and reduce the use of environmentally hazardous material in our operations.
  • Store and transport Hazmat materials (regulated by DOT and ATF) in a safe and environmentally sensitive process.
  • Reduce environmental impact by minimizing waste emissions, recycling materials, and responsibly managing energy use.
  • Employ initiation technologies and explosive systems to reduce environmental effects in daily operations.
  • Design blast plans and protocols to address environmentally sensitive sites.
  • Integrate environmental considerations into key business decisions.
  • Prepare our employees, through education and training, to take personal accountability for the environment.
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