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Maine Drilling & Blasting has the experience, expertise and equipment necessary for any terrain and the most isolated locations imaginable.

Remote Services

Whether we're drilling and rock blasting for access roads and foundations for wind farms, or pipeline trench, our energy projects usually span miles of isolated and difficult-to-access geography. Maine Drilling & Blasting has tackled the toughest of situations. We have unique talents and characteristics that allow us to offer one-of-a-kind service to customers. Together, our ingenuity and our corporate culture have enabled us to succeed at projects with logistic challenges.

We've developed the ability and equipment it takes to perform projects efficiently. Being proactive in facing the challenges of remote projects, MD&B has adapted and even engineered our own transports capable of bringing our crews, product and supplies to very hard-to-reach places with terrain many consider impassable.

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Our work paves the way for other work crews, so our initial access is the most compromised. With our adapted Komatsu Crew Transport we can traverse otherwise impassible terrain and distances, quickly and safely carrying our crew to any jobsite. The track-style vehicle with 360-degree rotation capability allows for efficient maneuvering over the worst grades and muck. Efficient mobilization means production is not delayed due to heavy mud or snow cover.

Another variety of adapted crawler is Maine Drilling & Blasting's Komatsu Explosive Carrier. It's engineered with a platform and explosive box magazine, which allows us to carry up to 7,000 lbs of bagged and boxed explosives along with detonators and other necessary equipment. Equipped with a hydraulic lift-gate, employees are able to work at an ergonomic waist height increasing safety and efficiency on the job site.

Pumping bulk emulsion instead of hauling and loading traditional stick or bag explosives can increase efficiency exponentially by saving manpower, energy and time. However, bulk pump trucks cannot traverse the terrain often required to get to the shot. Through good old-fashioned Yankee innovation and sheer determination, Maine Drilling & Blasting specialists engineered a new delivery system to meet our challenges and boost production. Our proprietary Bulk SkidTM allows us the option of utilizing bulk in the most remote and isolated locations. This unique transport is pulled by a large dozer and carries up to 10,000 lbs of bulk emulsion.

Not only do we have the necessary resources, here at Maine Drilling & Blasting, we have dedicated employees who willingly relocate to get remote energy projects done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Since 1966, our standards are steeped in the tradition of being family-owned and operated. We're a close and cohesive group. We're also owners. Maine Drilling & Blasting began the transition to employee ownership 2004, resulting in progressively greater individual responsibility in the work being produced. We work with the unity of a family and the determination of business owners.