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Each month, Maine Drilling & Blasting internally recognizes projects for achieving the highest safety standards integrated with operational excellence, often in the face of unique, difficult, and/or multi-dimensional challenges. The intent of this program is to promote and develop a consistently high standard for the entire Maine Drilling & Blasting Team.

Receiving one of these Job of the Month Awards happens only with careful attention to detail and the willingness to set a higher standard. Recognized projects demonstrate the pride and integrity of our co-workers in their work, as seen through their eyes, and the eyes of management, and our customers.

Nominations come from within the Company, through detailed applications that attest to the project meeting our organizational criteria.

Our customers' satisfaction is key, so an important part of the application is a customer statement, to ensure that the project was not only a success for MD&B, but also for our customer.

We're proud to share customer statements regarding some select job of the months.

See What Our Customers Are Saying...

Sean O'Leary

Project Manager  Grondin Construction

Doug, Kevin, and the crew have impressed again! MD&B was faced with many challenges this month due to the mass cut up...

Adam Tenan

Superintendent  Sargent Corporation

On behalf of Sargent Corporation, it is my pleasure to recognize Maine Drilling & Blasting's crew for their work on the...

Jeff Lawson, Jr.

  Kriger Construction, INC

There have been multiple areas of this Hanover 9 project which have required a unique and challenging outlook by your...

Josh White

Project Manager  Gendron & Gendron

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the work that your crew performed on the Maine Housing Project at 477 Minot...

T.J. Coyle

Superintendent  Northeast Paving LLC

There were approximately 40,000 cubic yards of ledge removal in this Phase I winter work. Nate, the Supervisor, and...

Jude Clemente

  Troy Sand & Gravel

Your boys did a good job yesterday. Dennis has done a good job for us. All our pit superintendents would probably agree...


What's in a Name?

Our name says Maine because that's where we started over 50 years ago. But our experienced teams are local.
We live and work nearby.