MD&B's Employee Value Proposition

Work Like an Owner: Be a Breed Apart

In general, employees are by far the most trusted and effective source of information about an employer. They speak to the things that are important to other employees, and they tell it like it is. Unlike some other companies, MD&B is not afraid to hear it, and share it, thanks to our culture of ownership and core value of honesty.

We asked our employees about their experiences working with Maine Drilling & Blasting. Their comments describe what kind of employer we are, and make up our Employee Value Proposition.

According to Maine Drilling & Blasting Employee Owners

... MD&B is a standup employer who

  • Cares about and helps its employees
  • Treats employees with respect
  • Recognizes and rewards hard work
  • Cares and delivers on safety

... MD&B offers standout

  • Benefits
  • Opportunities for advancement and career development
  • Job security

... MD&B stands apart from other employers by virtue of its

  • Employee Ownership
  • Culture of Excellence
  • Progressive and Innovative Approach
  • Resources
  • Leadership
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Interested in Joining Maine Drilling & Blasting?

We offer a range of career opportunities in the areas of Drilling, Blasting, Project and Field Supervision, Equipment and Technical Services, Product delivery, Safety, Engineering, Training, Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, Management, Risk Management, Marketing, and more.