Maine Drilling & Blasting’s Environmental Practices

Maine Drilling’s environmental commitment extends to all aspects of its daily activities.

On The Job Site

We adhere to the IME (Institute of Makers of Explosives) Best Blasting Practices to safeguard the environment. These include specific recommendations for education and training of explosive users, selection of appropriate explosive for the job and conditions, explosives loading and handling, and attention to technical matters. In addition, our own supportive innovations and techniques add another layer of environmental care and attention.

Loading Explosive Product

Just one example of environmental best practices when it comes to loading bulk emulsion into bore holes is that we place bags over the hose ends whenever pumping operations are paused.


Environmental laws vary throughout New England, but one item remains the same: spills are not good! Whether it is fuel, oil, methanol or ANFO, we work to avoid spills and to promptly clean them up if they happen.

  • Every crew has a plan for prevention and cleanup of any spilled product.
  • Non-sparking tools are used to clean up any spilled product.
  • Any spilled explosive product is disposed of into bore hole to be detonated.


Housekeeping plays an important role in protecting the integrity of our environment.

  • We maintain a clean job site, removing all explosives boxes, bags and Nonel remnants, all old parts, hoses, etc.

Noise & Air Quality

  • We employ state-of-the-art noise reduction systems.
  • We take the necessary measures to control dust, including mechanized dust control, Vaporsol systems, and utilization of wind direction.
  • We have instituted a "no engine idling" policy in the field in all applications.
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Environmental Control Plans

Many jobs that we work on have environmental control plans and specific environmental rules.

  • We coordinate with the contractor before start of project.
  • We respect environmentally "sensitive" areas such as wetlands, streams, ponds, etc., taking care to ensure that no blast material enters these areas.
  • We take measures to protect all trees and vegetation.
  • Trailers and equipment are parked only where good containment can be utilized.

Erosion Control

Nation-wide erosion standards prohibit most contractors from having more than 5 acres of unprotected, open land. By delivering rock, the byproduct of our blasting, in a timely manner, in the location it's needed, Maine Drilling & Blasting's customers are able to stabilize areas quickly, thus providing some of the solution to the pollution issue of land erosion.

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In The Shop

In addition, our Equipment Services Group supports our environmental commitment with the following practices:

  • We filter our hydraulic oil tanks on all our drills, reusing approximately 5,500 gallons annually.
  • Company-wide, our shops are heated with 8,000 gallons of recycled engine oil.
  • Over 1,500 engine, fuel and hydraulic filters are recycled annually.
  • Our shops do not employ solvent, or solvent-based systems to clean parts.
  • Our parts cleaners are environmental-friendly, designed to utilize hot water and high water pressure.
  • We work to achieve the lowest emissions on all equipment.
  • We employ vegetable-based hydraulic oil.
  • We recycle our drill steel.

On The Road

We have made meaningful strides in upgrading our vehicle fleet, fuel consumption, and distribution/mobilization practices with an eye to conservation and pollution abatement.

  • We have converted our truck fleet to diesel.
  • Our fleet uses low-sulfur diesel.
  • Our fleet is managed to assure maximum capacity with the least number of trucks as possible empty.
  • We optimize capacity to best utilize mileage for a particular truck.
  • Transfers of box trucks are minimized.
  • We have installed governors on our vehicles to limit speed for both safety and environmental impact.

In Our Offices

We have invested in systems, software, procedures and cutting-edge technology which is moving us toward a paperless business environment, from corporate to field accounting.

  • We have made upgrades to energy-efficient lighting.
  • Energy Star Rated Systems employed in our facilities.
  • We follow strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the EPA and US Department of Energy.
  • Where fluorescents are utilized, they are also energy efficient, and all ballasts are recycled.
  • We minimize the environmental effects of travel by utilizing various forms of telecommunication.
  • Video and online conferencing for internal and customer meetings across the geographies we serve.
  • We have invested in systems, software, procedures and cutting-edge technology which is moving us toward a paperless business environment, from corporate to field accounting.