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Drilling & Blasting for Over 50 Years

"I came into the organization at the very bottom, as a laborer. I think at the time I was 23 years old. And I worked my way up. That opportunity is there for every employee of the Company."

Dan Werner

President & CEO

MD&B – a 50th Anniversary Snapshot


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Each year, customers eagerly anticipate the release of MD&B wall calendars! Office walls have faded around the calendar perpetually replaced since 1989 when the company standardized the size and format. And even though there are only two firms in the country that still apply the old-fashioned tinning top and bottom, MD&B has held true to the authenticity of its calendar. We're proud to showcase over a quarter century of Company calendars! Feel free to download if you're missing any!

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History Book

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What's in a name?

More than it seems...

Our name says Maine just because that’s where we started over 50 years ago.
But our experienced teams are local. We live and work nearby.

Our History

From the beginning

  • Founding


    Exact date: March 3. Ted Purington, Sr. and wife, Judy, borrowed $2,000 with 3 co-signors to form Maine Drilling & Blasting. From the kitchen, the business grew into the barn, then into a secondary tin building at the family homestead in Gardiner, Maine.

  • Growth


    From the first job of drilling the foundation for a cellar, Ted immediately established a reputation for exceptional quality in every facet. What they lacked in resources they made up for in ambition and integrity. As Ted's relationships with area contractors grew, so did MD&B.

  • Rapid Expansion Woes


    While interstate highway and municipal sewer projects provided numerous out-of-state opportunities, the company's rapid expansion sorely tested the company's resources. Three of four sons, Ted, Jr., Jim and Tom, became involved with the company in different capacities.

  • Reorganization


    In response to the challenge, son, Bill, joined the company as General Manager. With the support and cooperation of his brothers, the business plan was successfully modified and the company was reorganized.

  • Extending reach


    MD&B expanded its territory to all the Northeastern states, as far south as Maryland and Pennsylvania.

  • Subsidiary formed


    MD Drilling & Blasting was founded as a subsidiary to serve the southern New England market. Different name, same high standards.

  • At peak


    MD&B had established seven operating divisions with a peak work force of more than 150 employees - up from 31 in 1982. The company had also moved strongly into the quarry market.

  • Downsizing


    The recession at the close of the 80's hit the construction industry hard. Rather than managing expansion, the challenge became downsizing and survival.

  • Consolidation


    By the end of 1991 the company had consolidated operating divisions from 7 to 4, reducing fixed costs by more than 40%. Emerging stronger, MD&B was more dedicated than ever to local service.

  • Major acquisition


    MD&B acquired its largest central New England competitor, adding resources and local employees to better serve area customers.

  • More acquisitions


    MD&B strengthened its commitment to the New England market with several other key acquisitions of strategic competitors, their employees and local facilities.

  • Engineering


    MD&B established its Engineering Department to enhance technology for our drillers and blasters and provide project and customer support in the form of defining scopes and site volume surveys.

  • First with in-house bulk


    MD&B became the first contractor in the country to construct and operate its own bulk explosives blending and loading plant.

  • ESOP established


    Also in 2004, MD&B established an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) giving employees a meaningful stake in the company at no cost to them, while enhancing standards on individual accountability and service.

  • One million milestone


    Just shy of MD&B's 40-year mark, the company hit the milestone of performing one million controlled blasts for various projects, including highways, site development, quarries, houses lots, utilities and marine work.

  • MicropumperTM and taking bulk modular


    MD&B engineered a proprietary small capacity, portable pumper enabling economic bulk deliveries for smaller construction projects. MD&B also took its bulk program modular improving the company's commitment to local market areas and quality customer service.

  • Market expansion & energy markets


    MD&B successfully acquired the company's largest northeast competitor located in MA, and opened new strategic explosive storage facilities in CT and NY. MD&B also began increasing its presence in the hydro, pipeline, wind and other energy market

  • The Great Recession


    The collapse of the financial industry initiating the Great Recession requires a firm hand on the wheel and a focus on firm markets and business positions.

  • Bulk SkidTM


    MD&B engineered a very large bulk emulsion transport hauled by a dozer capable of holding and direct-pumping 10,000 lbs of product. This Bulk SkidTM enables bulk to be transported on and off shots in extremely isolated terrain, increasing efficiencies on projects such as pipelines and wind farms.

  • Mid-Atlantic expansion


    With another strategic acquisition, MD&B extended local service to the Mid-Atlantic region of the US.

  • Employee ownership tops 30%


    As of December 31, 2010, MD&B employees owned 30.5% of the Company.

  • Northeast expansion


    MD&B gains a business partner and acquires assets of Dyno Nobel's northeast business.

  • Growth, traction & expansion


    Over these past five years, MD&B has experienced accelerated traction in several areas, from service expansion of its Mid-Atlantic region, to growth of its Common Culture initiative, and advancement of its Leadership Development Program, transitioning into the next generation of leaders.

  • 50th Anniversary


    MD&B celebrated 50 years of safety, success and growth in the drilling and rock blasting industry.

  • Majority Employee Ownership at 51%


    As of March 15, 2017, the Company’s ESOP Trust completed a transaction that purchased additional shares progressing employee ownership from 31% to 51%.

  • Gassing of Bulk Emulsion


    MD&B established a gassing program to help benefit our customers with more uniform breakage and reduction of costs. This new program puts a modern spin on traditional bulk emulsion methods leading the pack with our innovative techniques.

  • Drones


    The use of UAV’s became paramount to MD&B’s imaging models. Now, drones are part of construction and quarry pre-blast providing highly detailed 2-D and 3-D virtual models of blasting sites taking MD&B to higher levels of efficiency and safety.

  • Southeast Expansion


    MD&B established an office in Tennessee to expand local services to the southeast regions.

  • A New Division


    Over the past 20 years, MD&B has become recognized as a leader in geotechnical drilling and foundation services. In 2019 the Company formally established a Foundation Services Division dedicated to this work throughout all service areas to meet the high demand for rock anchors, guy anchors, micropiles, tiebacks and tie downs for a variety of construction needs.

  • 55th Anniversary


    MD&B celebrates 55 years of top-notch service and success in the drilling and rock blasting arenas.

  • Moving Forward

    2021 -

    MD&B continues its tradition of local service with offices in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Tennessee.

MD&B Has Over 50 Years of Experience

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