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Energy Project Solutions

Whatever your needs, Maine Drilling & Blasting can get the job done skillfully and smoothly. We have professional experience in a variety of energy-related work, including utility, wind, marine, pipeline and geothermal.

It’s all about having the resources when you need them and working with a blasting company that offers you proven results on demanding schedules.

We have experience with:

  • Substation upgrades
  • Access and site work for wind towers
  • Projects in extreme remote locations with difficult access
  • Drilling and blasting for pipeline or power transmission lines
  • Rock bolts for wind tower foundations
  • Solutions for expanding berths for fuel cargo deliveries

Resources & Standards

Not only do we have the necessary resources, here at Maine Drilling & Blasting, we have dedicated employees who willingly relocate to get remote energy projects done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Since 1966, our standards are steeped in the tradition of being family-owned and operated. We’re a close and cohesive group. We’re also all owners. Maine Drilling & Blasting began the transition to employee ownership in 2004, resulting in progressively greater individual responsibility in the work being produced.

Your Trusted Breed

So, if you need a cost competitive AND expert source for your energy project needs, consider Maine Drilling & Blasting as your drilling and blasting company.

We work with the unity of a family and the determination of business owners.

Please check out some of the MD&B project profiles listed under these energy work categories.

  • With local resources throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic areas, we are able to meet your needs and accomplish any requirements you have.
  • We are a full service drilling and blasting company, providing pre-blast surveys, drilling, blasting, rock anchors, explosive product supply, public relations, engineering and more. Your true one-stop source.
  • We have remote access capability for almost all terrains including a proven system for underwater drilling and blasting, and an internally-engineered bulk skid to deliver product to backwoods mountain terrains.
  • As work progresses, we constantly optimize drill types and explosive options from in-house sources.

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