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Making it Happen: The MD&B Culture

Maine Drilling & Blasting is all about making it happen ... safely with the highest standards in the industry, day in and day out. We consistently meet scopes, schedules and budgets. And utilize all our resources to collectively create solutions for our customers. How do we do it? With a common mindset and behavior all about Employee Ownership, and a Company Culture that's grounded in our Core Values of Honesty, Respect, Fairness and Responsibility.

Who we are, What we do, and Where we're going

These Core Values reaffirm our Company's foundations of "Honesty and Hard Work," and guide how we conduct ourselves, and our business.

Our Common Culture serves to raise the bar in every aspect of what we do from the honest work of stemming holes to the boardroom. It helps sustain a Safe, Quality, and Productive environment that allows us, as a Company, to be "A Breed Apart" ... your Trusted Breed.

As we’ve grown to serve more geography from Maine to the Mid Atlantic, we’ve been successful in providing the same level of quality services wherever we operate. We make that happen by being local to our markets with local people who embrace our Culture, and work and think like the owners we are.

MD&B Core Values


To show consideration and treat with courtesy


To be just, unbiased, and equitable


To be trustworthy, honorable, and free of deceit


To be dependable and accountable for one's actions

What's in a name?

More than it seems...

Our name says Maine just because that’s where we started over 50 years ago.
But our experienced teams are local. We live and work nearby.

The MD&B Difference

What makes Maine Drilling & Blasting different? Here's what our people say:

  • Employee Owners
  • Safety & Experience
  • Professionalism
  • In-House Training
  • Public Relations & Technical Support
  • Progressive
  • Diversity of Explosives and Drills
  • More Resources to provide Better Service
  • Aggressive approach to getting the job done safely and ahead of schedule
  • Distribution allows Flexibility in Blast Design
  • Great Mobilization
  • Local Relationships & Service: Every region operates like a small local company.
  • Services: We provide in-house services for less than our competition can purchase them.
  • Resources: Our size allows us to buy resources such as explosives and insurance for less, helping us keep our costs down for our customers.

Our customers get it. They know they'll get a better job done because everyone out here is a part owner of the company. That means we've all got more pride in our work. We'll do our best and everything we can to make sure that customer is a customer again. And again. The thing is, we're not just working for someone else - we're working for ourselves."

- Ray Atkinson

Employee Ownership

Higher Standards of Service

Since 1966, Maine Drilling & Blasting standards have been steeped in the tradition of being family-owned and operated. We're a close and cohesive group. We're also owners. Maine Drilling & Blasting began the transition to employee ownership in 2004, resulting in progressively greater individual responsibility in the work being produced. We work with the unity of a family and the determination of business owners.

Employee-ownership results in a renewed and improved level of service to our customers. Our employee owners know our company's success in directly tied to their own (and vice versa), so we take greater responsibility for quality, safety, production, results and innovation.

In 2017, our 51st year of operation, we're proud to announce a progression to 51% employee ownership from 30.5% in 2010. 51% of the Company is now owned by qualified employees! What does this mean to you, our customer? Now we have an even greater stake in making sure that everything we do keeps our customers happy and satisfied.

We work harder
We work smarter
We produce better results
We offer better services
We offer more services
We innovate to solve issues

Our Executive Leadership

Guiding the course of MD&B

Dan Werner
Dan Werner
President / CEO
Mitch Green
Mitch Green
Senior Vice President
Todd Barrett - Maine Drilling & Blasting
Todd Barrett
Executive Vice President
Tim Maynard
Tim Maynard
William Purington II
William Purington II
Regional Vice President
Guy Keefe - Maine Drilling & Blasting
Guy Keefe
Regional Vice President
Shane LaGray - Maine Drilling & Blasting
Shane LaGray
Regional Vice President
Bill Scott
Bill Scott
VP of Engineering & Risk Management
Meghann Parkinson - Maine Drilling & Blasting
Meghann Parkinson
VP of HR & Administration

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