Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) Pipeline

NY and CT

Project Details

  • Customer:Spectra Energy, Henkels & McCoy
  • Category: energy-transmission
  • Job Type:Gas-Pipelines
  • Location: NY and CT
  • Schedule: On time

Scope of Work

To make a larger, wider, and deeper trench for the replacement of a 26-inch gas line with a new 42-inch high-pressure gas transmission line.


The majority of MD&B's work was conducted adjacent to an existing 30-inch hot line. MD&B had no way of knowing in advance where the ditch rock was located until the existing pipe was removed from the ground. Depending on how much rock existed, up to 7 or 8 drill rigs could be needed to meet production expectations of 1,000 linear feet of trench daily.


As needed, MD&B quickly mobilized the necessary equipment by pulling that equipment from nearby locations.


Political opposition to natural gas by local residents stretched the normal 6-week timeframe to obtain blasting permits to four months.


The Connecticut stretch of the pipeline has been completed, and MD&B recently began work on the New York section.

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