Southern Loop, VELCO Transmission Line


Project Details

  • Customer:Cianbro
  • Category: energy-transmission
  • Job Type:Electricity
  • Location: VT
  • Schedule: On time

Scope of Work

The Southern Loop is a 50-mile project stretching from Vernon to Ludlow, VT, along an existing transmission line corridor. The project includes approximately 400 structures that will require blasting up to 17 feet deep for the 245kV line.


The transmission contractor, Cianbro, requested all drilling, blasting and guy anchor holes be performed within a full-service program. As such, Maine Drilling & Blasting provided excavators, dump trucks, track vehicles for explosive product and people, and crushed stone. As a full-serviced subcontractor, Maine Drilling & Blasting performed all tasks normally undertaken by the contractor, including setting mats, etc. We worked directly behind the clearing crew. Weekly planning balances our resources in a linear fashion based on the accessible terrain. Mobilization and de-mobilization was predicated on MD&B's schedule compared to the needs of the project, but holes were always ready for the pole crew. Services included safe, controlled blasting next to existing and operational power lines, and daily productions to meet the aggressive schedule of Cianbro.


Work completed safely and on schedule.