Kleen Energy Power Plant

Middleton, CT

Project Details

  • Customer:O&G Industries
  • Category: energy-generation
  • Job Type:Methane/Natural Gas
  • Location: Middleton, CT
  • Schedule: Ahead of schedule

Scope of Work

Drill and blast over 500,000 CY of rock for the infrastructure and power block for the 620-megawatt natural gas/low sulfur oil energy plant. The plant will produce enough power for 700-1000 homes. O&G Industries is the general contractor for the site and building.


To safely drill and blast more than 500,000 CY of open rock with critical pre-split faces for the updraft required at the power block for the cooling towers in close proximity to residences and meeting the critical path of the schedule. The project start date was November and the completion date for our scope was July. Working through one of the driest summers and snowiest winters added to the challenge of maintaining schedule. In addition, we performed additional change orders and worked through design modifications.


We completed the blasting in order for the project to proceed.


Two weeks ahead of schedule.