Consigli Construction

Portland, ME

Project Details

  • Customer:Consigli Construction Co., Inc.
  • Category: foundation
  • Job Type:Rock Anchors
  • Location: Portland, ME
  • Schedule: On time

Scope of Work

Perform installation of 4 high capacity rock anchors in a congested downtown Portland building site with a 6-week turnaround from award to completion.


The challenge was the schedule. In a 6-week period we had to retain a design firm, furnish designs that met the design specifications, procure custom built class 1 corrosion protected anchor material as well as install and test the final anchors in a 5-day window. There was no room for failure of the anchors as access for any rework would quickly evaporate the day after the anchors were grouted.


MD&B worked with the General Contractor and its own subcontractors through the early project meetings to plan an efficient mobilization and demobilization of MD&B's equipment and materials onto the site with little to no interruption to the other trades on site. The anchors were completed as scheduled and as-builts and QA/QC documentation was presented quickly to the GC and Architects to allow for the completion of the anchored footings meeting the tight schedule for arrival of the structural steel.

Customer Comment

MD&B met the project's schedule requirements and delivered the contract product with a great level of safety and quality. MDB was easy to work with and was able to execute their work on a very tight site in close coordination with multiple trades. Portions of this work were completed in shorter durations than initially anticipated allowing the "interuption" of the site to be limited. Testing was executed as promised and on schedule with results immediately provided. The overall project performance is considered excellent and best in class."

Timothy Schneider, LEED AP & Project Manager