Spectra Energy

Brewster, NY

Project Details

  • Customer:Ben Ciccone Excavating
  • Category: energy-transmission
  • Job Type:Gas-Compressor Stations
  • Location: Brewster, NY
  • Schedule: On time

Scope of Work

Drill and blast adjacent to an existing high pressure gas line and compressor station in Brewster, NY, for the installation of a new compressor station. Contract was with Ben Ciccone Excavating.


The contractor had planned to hoe-ram the rock, and the existing compressor station and pipeline were to be blown down. The rock proved to be too hard to hoe-ram and MD Drilling & Blasting was requested (at the 11th hour) to submit blast plans to the owner (Spectra Energy) for approval to blast within 15 feet of the station and the line while they were in service. The schedule had suffered delays prior to our mobilization. We were asked to get approvals and remove the rock safely and as quickly as possible to maintain schedule.


Blast plans received an accelerated approval due the comfort that Spectra had with the Ramapo project. MD mobilized a drill and blast crew within days, and completed the work within a week. The contractor got back on schedule and the owner was very pleased.

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