UNH/Turnkey Landfill Bio Gas Line

Durham, NH

Project Details

  • Customer:R.H. White
  • Category: energy-transmission
  • Job Type:Gas-Pipelines
  • Location: Durham, NH
  • Schedule: On time

Scope of Work

R.H. White installed 12.7 miles Methane Gas Transmission Line with Maine Drilling & Blasting performing the drilling and blasting. The project connected the Turnkey Landfill in Rochester, NH with the University of New Hampshire Co-Generation Facility.


The work was along a busy highway easement with several structures surrounding blast areas.


Maine Drilling & Blasting performed all the blasting on time and safely.


We participated in this innovative project using waste gas from a landfill as fuel for a power boiler at the University of New Hampshire. The gas is considered a "Greenhouse Gas" and previously it was collected and burned off as it was emitted from the decomposing landfill material. This project built the infrastructure that created the opportunity to collect and transmit this gas for use as fuel to make power and steam.

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