Spectra Energy Pipeline

Ramapo, NY

Project Details

  • Customer:Otis Eastern Pipeline
  • Category: energy-transmission
  • Job Type:Gas-Pipelines
  • Location: Ramapo, NY
  • Schedule: Ahead of schedule

Scope of Work

Drill and blast adjacent to an existing (in service) high pressure gas line in Ramapo, NY, for a new line adjacent to the original one. Blasting occurred within 18 feet of the existing line. Contract was by-the-day for Otis Eastern Pipeline.


MD's initial challenge was to submit to the owner, Spectra Energy, well-defined blast plans using strict criteria so that blasting would be permitted. The majority of the work occurred within 15 feet of the existing line and, in some areas, within 12 feet. Access was difficult and resources had to be planned well as once we were in the site there was no going back until the end of the shift. Strict environmental constraints were also in place.


Spectra Energy approved all of the blast plan submittals and commencement of work. The project required full-time supervision by an MD Regional Superintendent to interface with the contractor and owner on a daily basis. MD exceeded Otis Eastern's expectations for daily production. The project was completed successfully two months early.