Wind Turbine Project - Princeton, MA

Princeton, MA

Project Details

  • Category: energy-generation
  • Job Type:Wind
  • Location: Princeton, MA
  • Schedule: On time

Scope of Work

Two wind towers required road construction for the upgrade of a local utilities' alternative power source.


To design and build a road which met an aggressive budget while providing adequate access to allow delivery and assembly of towers. Creative location and construction of roadway and foundations to put the towers in the most effective location while minimizing excavation. Performing drilling and blasting activities adjacent to an environmental conservation area.


The team accomplished the road construction with an evolving design. A rock anchor design was implemented which minimized the size of the foundations.


Work was completed in rainy months of the Fall in order to get the project closed up prior to the Winter months.


This project's success contributed to a progressive utilities' vision of providing local alternative energy.