Jointa Galusha Quarry

Glens Falls, NY

Project Details

  • Customer:Jointa Galusha
  • Category: quarry
  • Location: Glens Falls, NY
  • Schedule: On time

Scope of Work

Drilling and blasting an area of quarry that had not seen activity in quite some time within 600 feet of a museum housing a priceless art collection - some of the most valuable art in the world.


To drill and blast under vibration levels acceptable in the museum/historical building environment without sacrificing quarry production or fragmentation. A program was implemented to modify blast design, verify with bore track and laser profiling, and introduce Electronic Detonators.


Blasting proceeded through the closest point to The Hyde without incident. Both the Facility Manager of The Hyde Collection and the Interim Director at the time were very pleased. Jointa Galusha noted improved production and requested continued use of Electronic Detonators even after work moved away from The Hyde. Closely following that decision came Jointa's request to have Maine Drilling & Blasting also implement Electronic Detonators at their new quarry in Hartford, NY.

Customer Comment

The electronic system gave us very positive results, under a couple special conditions. Not withstanding being 500 or so feet from the Hyde (Museum's) priceless art collection, we also had peregrin falcons nesting with eggs just above the active face. The cost of going with electronic is significant, but it's saving us on oversize materials. We're getting better resuts out of the blasts in addition to better accuracy and reduced vibration."

John Davidson, Vice President