Crockett Bridge Replacement

Naples, ME

Project Details

  • Customer:Maine Department of Transportation
  • Category: foundation
  • Location: Naples, ME
  • Schedule: On time

Scope of Work

We were contracted furnish and install 375 LF of 7" Drilled Micropile. Also referred to as Spun Pile by the MeDOT.


The Drilled Micropile was provided to support the precast abutments for the accelerated bridge construction project. The bridge had to be replaced in 35 work days and the drilled pile had 5 work days to install. The 7" casing was required to be advanced a minimum of 5 feet into sound bedrock through mixed till with boulders and sloping bedrock.


MD&B beat the estimated schedule by working 2 shifts to install the 10 pile. The sockets were verified by sounding of hard bottom rather than load testing. This was the first of the Spun Pile detail that the Department had requested. The project went great and the Department contacted MD&B to help size a 10-3/4" system for the next project - we are fortunate to have been awarded this backlog for Fall 2017!