Greenworks Recycling Facility

Peabody, MA

Project Details

  • Customer:Greenworks Recycling Facility
  • Category: foundation
  • Location: Peabody, MA
  • Schedule: On time

Scope of Work

To drill-blast and reinforce the final ledge faces to allow the construction of a new recycling center on Route 1.


Regulatory burdens in urban North Shore of Massachusetts coupled with rock cuts of 25 foot within 150 feet of busy Route 1 and 40 feet off a water tower create a complex project to get started in a timely fashion and complete without a hitch. Phasing the excavation to allow geotechnical review and subsequent rock doweling before completion of the excavation takes a good plan with good communications.


With good communication between the blasting crew and site contractor, potential risks were identified and a plan was put into place to mitigate the risk. By using a combination of methods including line drilling, controlled blasting, rock dowels, the team was able to successfully complete the project on time and without incident.

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